There are numerous benefits of using organic fertilizers. For example, organic fertilizers offer macronutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These areprimary nutrients that are needed in higher quantities for crops to truly thrive. INNOV Biotech products offer a variety of organic and natural fertilizers intended to help improve growth and produce a bountiful harvest.;


When compared to organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers can interfere with the crops; capability to absorb nutrients. Note that pure chemicals tend to be hard on the earthworms and microorganisms in the soil, which are essential to every garden. Earthworms increase nutrient availability, improve drainage, and also help create a stable soil structure. Without earthworms, we would have smaller yields, more pollution, and more flooding. INNOV Biotech products adds that without the beneficial impact of microorganisms and worms, plants will have difficulty accessing the inherent micronutrients in the soilthat are not commonly available in chemical fertilizers.;


Chemical fertilizers are also hard on crops since they bypass the work a crop needs to do to get access to nutrients. Pure chemicals tend to make the soil less nutritious and reduce the crop capability to access important nutrients. Both the crops and plants become overly reliant on chemical fertilizers.


This dependency is triggered by the fast release action of chemicals. Due to the fact that the large quantity of chemical fertilizers for smaller gardens are available in a purified liquid state, they typically give crops a great but short term boost that is followed by a steep drop-off in the stream of nutrients. This sudden decrease is always hard on crops, so cultivators tend to relieve it by giving another dose.


Lastly, INNOV Biotech products points out that chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment. Most of them are synthesized from oil, whereby the production process needs a huge amount of investment of fuel. They also cause more problems when they run into lakes and rivers.