Who We Are

INNOV Biotech History


  • Since entering the agricultural field in 1999, it is committed todeveloping domestic superior agricultural input resources and advanced production and processing technologies, starting from Chinese agriculture, and serving global agriculture.
  • In 1999, INNOV BIOTECH invested to build the first domestic fermented seaweed extract production line, located in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province.
  • In 2016, relying on Liaoning’s magnesium resources, INNOV BIOTECH invested in a slow-release production line of micronutrients granular fertilizers, located in Dalian, Liaoning Province.
  • In 2019, the company invested in the establishment of a full plant nutrient water-soluble granular fertilizer production line located in Handan, Hebei Province.
  • In 2020, an export headquarters had been established in Qingdao, responsible for export business.

Our Mission

Use efficient plant nutrition and natural biostimulants to solve the growing demand for food, food quality and safety, and environmental issues. Creating efficient and sustainable agriculture and reducing the environmental impact of agricultural inputs.

Our Strategy

Balancing the application of plant nutrition and biostimulants; balancing the application of quick-acting nutrition and slow-release nutrition; optimizing the rational application of macro-elements and medium- and micro-elements while paying attention to crop and soil health.

What We Do

We accept OEM&ODM of all products come from our own three manufacturing bases in China.
Due to the demands from the global clients who cooperated with us many years, we are also exporting humic acids&fulvic acids, amino acids, chitosan  and their derivatives from China.

Fermented Seaweed Extract Liquid and its derivatives mixed with plants nutrients

  • The extraction technology has great influence on active substances and nutrients of products.
  • The principle of biological fermentation method is using various kinds of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the metabolic process which use seaweeds as nutrients. It degrades macromolecule materials in seaweeds into micromolecule and water-soluble materials. Without strong alkali and high temperature of chemical method and high pressure and low temperature of physical method, it maximizes the retention of bioactive and nutritious substances in seaweed.
  • We are the only manufacutrer in China that produces seaweed fertilizers by two-phase fermentation

Slow-released microelements granular fertilizers.All formulations of secondary elements and/or microelemnts is developed based on natural brucite resource in Liaoning.Slow-releasing can last for 150 to 180 days.

Granular water soluble fertilizer with full plant nutrients.We developed water soluble fertilizer in granular form, which saves labour cost and time during the applications.