V-Fermentech uses various kinds of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the metabolic process which use seaweeds as nutrients. It degrades macromolecule materials in seaweeds into micromolecule and water-soluble materials. Without strong alkali and high temperature of chemical method and high pressure and low temperature of physical method, it maximizes the retention of bioactive and nutritious substances in seaweed.
Appearance: Black Brown Liquid
Odor: Characteristic smell of seaweed
Specific gravity: 1.2
Solubility in water: 100%
Moisture: 75% Max.
Dry substance: 25% Min.
Nitrogen [N]: 1 (±0.5) g/L
P2O5 [P]: 0.3 (±0.2) g/L
K2O [K]: 4 (±2) g/L
pH: 4~6

Microelement (Typical Value)
18 Free Amino Acids: 3000mg/L Min. (Total)
Cu: 500mg/L
Zn: 14mg/L
Mn: 16mg/L
B: 9mg/L

Heavy metals
Pb: 5ppm Max.
As: 3ppm Max.
Cd: 2ppm Max.
Cr: 2ppm Max.
Hg: 2ppm Max.