V-More that is extracted from brown seaweed contains naturally balanced chelated trace elements. The natural chelating agents are alginic acid and mannitol. Farmers can expect a variety of benefits from using V-More. Research and field trials have demonstrated benefits such as improved root development, more vigorous growth, and increased resistance to environmental stress and reduced frost damage.
Appearance: Black or dark brown powder or granule
Odor: Characteristic smell of seaweed
Insolubles: 1% Max.
Alginic Acid: 7% Min.
Organic Substance: 30% Min.
Nitrogen (N): 0.5% Min.
Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.5% Min.
Potassium (K2O): 20% Min.
Moisture: 8.0% Max.
PGR: 1500 ppm
PH: 6~8